Day 63: Work, Quiz, & Histogram Interpretation

AP Physics 1: Work

To introduce work, I had students pull a cart up a ramp to a consistent height, but changing the angle. They then sketched force vs. distance graphs and saw the area was pretty consistent.

f-d graphs.jpg

Physics: Quiz

We wrapped up Friday’s mistakes whiteboarding, then moved into a quiz on impulse. I’m finding students are loosing track of the different variables we have, which is making it tough to use the equations accurately. I think we might take some time soon to do a “glossary” of all the variables we’ve gotten so far this year to see if having a reference like that helps.

Chemistry Essentials: Histogram Interpretation

To wrap up Friday’s labs on mass and change, I projected some histograms of the class results. The discussion ended up being a lot of me asking a question, followed by one student responding, which is not what I like to go for. I need to spend some time thinking about better prompts I can use on these graphs to get more student-to-student discussion going.


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