Day 62: Quiz Day, Mistakes Whiteboarding, & Burning

AP Physics 1: Quiz Day

Students took their unbalanced forces quiz. I included an experimental design problem from the 2016 AP Physics 1 exam but told students I was essentially using it as a pre-test since I haven’t had them try any of that sort of problem yet and want to see how well they are translating what they’ve done in the lab to written problems.

Physics: Mistakes Whiteboarding

Students did some mistakes whiteboarding with yesterday’s problems. I was wary of how it would go in my 6th hour, since I only have eight students and they chose to work in one large group yesterday. There was a lot of great conversation yesterday, but it turns out a lot of students had written down steps without being clear on why they were taking that step, so this was a good opportunity for students to clarify those gaps.

impulse mistake.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Burning

Students carried out the experiments they’d planned yesterday to see how mass changes during dissolution. Afterward, they burned steel wool on a balance to get one more example. On Monday, we’ll discuss the results. I collected all of the changes in mass in a spreadsheet to produce class histograms of the results that we’ll also discuss on Monday.


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