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I have been teaching science at Tartan High School located just outside of St. Paul, Minnesota since 2008.  I am a National Board Certified Teacher in adolescent/young adult science and teach mostly Physics and AP Physics 1, with occasional sections of other courses including basic chemistry and 9th grade physical & earth science. I’m particularly interested in educational equity, student thinking and reasoning,  and instruction that emphasizes science practices. A lot of my approach is influenced the Modeling Instruction curriculum. I’m also a PhD candidate in the University of Minnesota’s STEM education program.

My goal in writing this blog is to use it as a tool for reflection.  We’ve found our students develop a deeper understanding of material and retain new information longer when they have opportunities to reflect and self-assess on a regular basis.  By the same token, teachers learn and improve by taking the time to reflect on what happens in our classrooms and process the new things we are learning.



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