Day 61: Mistakes Whiteboarding, Impulse Problems, & Designing Experiments

AP Physics 1: Mistakes Whiteboarding

Students did some mistakes whiteboarding with yesterday’s problems. A few students said they feel like unbalanced forces are easier than balanced, which I made sure to point out is a great indicator of how much they’ve grown in using free-body diagrams and vector addition diagrams.

ap mistake.jpg

Physics: Impulse Problems

Students worked on some problems using yesterday’s results on impulse. Overall, the problems seemed to go well, but I need to think about how to handle whiteboarding. I’ve got one section of 30, where I’ll be able to handle whiteboarding the way I normally would. My other section is only 8 students, and they ended up gathered around a single table having a lot of great discussion about how to do the problems. I’m not sure how much a whiteboarding session will add to their understanding.

Chemistry Essentials: Designing Experiments

We spent some time talking about the graphs I made of yesterday’s lab results, then moved on to starting the next set of mass and change labs. I asked students to plan their own procedure for finding the change in mass for sugar dissolving in water and Alka-seltzer dissolving in water. This turned out to be harder than I expected, so we ended with some whole-class discussion to figure out what steps we needed and why.

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