Day 60: Problems, Board Meeting, & Conservation of Mass

AP Physics 1: Problems

Students worked some unbalanced force problems. The set I gave them is mostly what I call “alphabet soup problems”, were there are only variables, no numbers. My students still get nervous about those problems, but they did very well with them, nonetheless. They are also starting to feel more comfortable relying on diagrams to set up their math, which is fantastic and lead to some great conversations during the problems today.

Physics: Board Meeting

We had our board meeting for yesterday’s impulse lab. The results were the best I’ve seen with this lab to-date, which was great to see. My students this year are more comfortable with the LabQuests than the students I had last year and I spent significantly more time on the pre-lab discussion than I had in the past, and the result was a lot more groups than usual where their slope came convincingly close to the mass of their cart.

impulse board.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Conservation of Mass

Today students looked at the change in mass in two scenarios, ice melting into water and two liquid solutions getting mixed together. As soon as I started to preview the lab, students started sharing their predictions for what would happen to the mass completely unprompted, so I decided to take a few minutes to let them discuss their predictions. I planned to have students get the initial mass of the ice, then work on mixing solutions together while the ice melted, but it turned out to be challenging for a lot of students to shift between two different experiments. I think it may be better to just use hot plates to help the ice melt so students can do one scenario completely before shifting to the other.

chem lab.jpg

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