Day 15: SOS Diagrams, Ramp Lab, & Density Representations

AP Physics 1: SOS Diagrams

I took a few minutes to introduce SOS diagrams for momentum and impulse, then had students whiteboard some problems. The biggest challenge was thinking through what are useful snapshots to use but, once students wrapped their heads around that, things seemed to go very smoothly.


Physics: Ramp Lab

Students started collecting data to make position vs. time graphs for a cart on a ramp. This was their first time using the tracks and their first time using LabQuests, so it was a lot to take in. Several groups commented the first data point was the hardest to get, but, once they knew what they were doing, the data collection was quick and easy.

ramp lab.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Density Representations

Today was the density quiz, so we started by using whiteboards to review some different ways to represent density. Most students seem pretty solid on the particle diagrams, but mass vs. volume graphs are challenging for a lot of them. In general, graphs have been challenging for a lot of my chemistry students this year, largely because I overestimated their prior knowledge and haven’t adapted as well as I’d like.

density particle.jpg

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