Day 16: Interaction Stations, Data Collection, & Describing Substances

AP Physics 1: Interaction Stations

Students worked through Brian Frank’s interaction stations to start thinking about different types of forces. I included one with a buggy spinning its wheels on a brush, which lead to some nice discussion about the way friction plays an important role in forward motion.

Physics: Data Collection

Students continued working on collecting data for a cart on a ramp. Today, I gave the additional task of collecting velocity vs. time data for their cart. Today was much smoother than yesterday now that students have had some practice with the equipment.

ramp lab

Chemistry Essentials: Describing Substances

Students mixed pure iron and pure sulfur, then heated them to start thinking about physical and chemical changes, as well as to introduce language for different combinations. I introduced a lot more vocab today than I normally would, so I need to think about better ways to split this up. Students did make some great observations as they worked through the lab.

fe s.jpg

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