Day 62: Systems, Newton’s 2nd Law, & Does Gas Have Mass

AP Physics: Systems

Students worked on a Modeling Instruction worksheet that emphasizes how changing the system changes the LOL diagram. A lot of students very naturally connected this to the SOS diagrams we’d done earlier in the year and how changing your system can affect whether there is any impulse.

Physics: Newton’s 2nd Law

Students used a half-Atwoods machine to collect data for how the force on a cart affects its acceleration. I ended up wishing I’d spent a little more time on the pre-lab; a lot of groups lost track of what they were measuring and how that connected to the purpose of the lab. Since I’m seeing low engagement during whole-class discussions, I’m thinking about how I could have students do some of the pre-discussion in their lab groups, instead.


Chemistry Essentials: Does Gas Have Mass

Students measured the mass with a reaction of water and Alka Seltzer to decide whether gas has a mass. They did the reaction once in an open test tube and once with a balloon on top. While the balloon clearly leaked, there was significantly less loss of mass with it in place. I didn’t ask for particle diagrams on the lab handout, but I think that would have helped students think through what they expected and why.


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