Day 69: Mistakes Whiteboarding & Card Sort

AP Physics 1: Energy Bar Chart Mistakes Whiteboarding

Students did mistakes whiteboarding with energy bar charts. There was some good discussion about what differences matter in energy bar charts at this point and what differences, like the exact number of boxes, are irrelevant.

ap bar chart.jpg

Physics: Momentum Card Sort

Students worked on a momentum transfer model card sort I got from Kelly O’Shea. I was (pleasantly) surprised by how easy it was for students to work out which equation went with each problem. The force-time graphs in the card sort were tough; part of the trick is those graphs are more similar across different problems than some of the other graphs and we haven’t made enough use of force-time graphs in other contexts for students to focus on the subtle details that distinguished the different graphs here.

card sort.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Density Mistakes Whiteboarding

This class also did mistakes whiteboarding, but on a worksheet using different representations for density. There was some great discussion and some signs this group is starting to build an identity as a class, which is great.

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