Day 65: Spring Energy & Board Meetings

AP Physics 1: Spring Energy

I am being compensated by Pivot Interactives as part of their Chemistry Fellows program.

Students collected data for a relationship between a spring’s stretch and the final velocity of an attached cart using a lab in Pivot Interactives. While I took more time than yesterday on a pre-lab discussion, I think students were still a little confused since we haven’t talked much about energy types yet. I think it would have helped if we’d done the board meeting for yesterday’s lab prior to this activity. I’m also thinking about doing bar charts before these equations next time around.

pivot epe.PNG

Physics: Explosions Board Meeting

Students whiteboarded their results from yesterday’s lab to introduce conservation of momentum. This was a tricky discussion for a lot of my students since we were dealing with four variables simultaneously, but students did well with it. It was a nice reminder of the progress my students have made so far this year.

explosion board.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Volume Board Meeting

Students whiteboarded their results from yesterday’s lab. I really hit “for every” statements about the slope hard, and that seemed to help students attach some conceptual meaning to the slope. There were a few groups who graphed the actual water level, rather than the water displaced, which gave a great opportunity to talk about what the intercept tells us in this lab. I think next time, I’ll make sure a couple of groups do that.

group 3.jpg

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