Day 17: Free Body Diagrams, Whiteboard Prep, & Describing Substances

AP Physics 1: Free Body Diagrams

Students started working on some free body diagrams by diving straight into some mistakes whiteboarding. There was a lot of great conversation about the problems where an object was moving with a constant velocity as students did the expected wrestling with how an object is moving forward without a force in that direction. One of my classes also had some surprisingly good conversation about systems with a problem about an object at rest.

ap mistake (1).jpg

Physics: Whiteboard Prep

Students worked on their graphs and prepped whiteboards to discuss the ramp lab. With this being their first experience linearizing and their first time using Desmos, it took some time to get the boards ready. I think next year I’d like to introduce Desmos with the buggy lab so there is a little less new material going on in the ramp lab.

Chemistry Essentials: Describing Substances

Students did a worksheet to practice with yesterday’s vocabulary, then I had them prep whiteboards and do a gallery walk to check their work.

chem paeti le.jpg

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