Day 13: Impulse, Dueling Buggies, & Mistakes Whiteboarding

AP Physics 1: Impulse

Students finished up their data collection for the impulse lab. Some groups have really nice looking data, while other groups have graphs where the pattern is much less clear. I need to spend some time trouble-shooting this lab to see about getting more consistent results. Most of the groups did a nice job of taking turns operating the LabQuest, even without me explicitly directing them to.


Physics: Dueling Buggies

Students wrapped up yesterday’s mistakes whiteboarding, then started work predicting where two buggies would collide. My classes, especially my 1st hour, are taking very quickly to mistakes whiteboarding, so the conversations were much better than I usually expect at this time of year.

dueling buggiea.jpg

Chemistry: Density Mistakes Whiteboarding

We only got through one problem yesterday, so we finished doing mistakes whiteboarding for some density problems. Yesterday, it was very tough to get students to speak up, so today I had students spend a minute or two talking to a neighbor about each whiteboard before we shifted to whole class discussion, which helped a little. The biggest factor was a few students who were gone yesterday were very eager to participate and, once they asked some questions, other students seemed more comfortable speaking up.

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