Day 114: Rotation Problems, v-t Graphs, & Representing Reactions

Today’s walkout happened to fall during homeroom, so it didn’t have much impact on my classes. A group of senior students organized a short march around the school, and I was very proud watching students march past the windows of my classroom.

All three of my classes were doing problems on a worksheet, so I failed to get good pictures of their work.

AP Physics: Rotation Problems

Students worked through some problems on angular motion with an emphasis on angle vs. time and angular velocity vs. time graphs. The problems went very smoothly; I can most likely count on not needing the whole period to whiteboard the problems tomorrow.

Physics: v-t Graphs

Students worked on some conceptual problems sketching and interpreting velocity vs. time graphs for projectiles. Students are feeling very confident about projectile motion, which is good to see. There are also a lot of great conversations where groups are self-correcting their answers, which is exactly what I’m after.

Chemistry Essentials: Representing Reactions

I introduced students to the notation for chemical reactions and had them practice translating between equations, statements, and particle diagrams. Some students are struggling to keep track of all the details, which is what I expect when they first see the equations.

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