Day 113: Board Meeting, Projectiles, & Formula Writing Review

AP Physics: Board Meeting

Students whiteboarded the results of yesterday’s lab. Students were very successful making key connections to linear motion. I didn’t specify when students should set time equal to zero or how they should handle it when a dot passed zero radians, so there was some variation in the graphs, but students were able to make sense of those differences.


Physics: Projectiles

Today, I used an activity Kelly O’Shea came up with based on a post from Dan Meyer. I gave students printouts of an image showing half the path of a basketball, then had them draw lines to see the horizontal and vertical motion of the ball. Students were once again very successful at making the connections I was after.


Chemistry Essentials: Formula Writing Review

To prep students for translating between representations of chemical reactions, we reviewed writing chemical formulas based on the name. I reviewed electron diagrams, but did not require students to sketch them. However, most students chose to sketch them as a way of thinking through the formulas, which was great.

electron diagram.jpg

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