Day 115: Mistakes Whiteboarding

AP Physics: Rotation Whiteboarding

Students did mistakes whiteboarding with yesterday’s problems on rotational kinematics. Several of the mistakes lead to some great conversations about what information angular motion graphs do and do not convey.

rot wb.jpg

Physics: Projectile Whiteboarding

These classes also did mistakes whiteboarding with yesterday’s problems on velocity vs. time graphs for projectiles. There were a lot of good mistakes, but a lot of long silences. I need to keep working on making sure my classroom is a comfortable place for intellectual risks.

projectile wb.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Representing Reactions

I finished out a day of mistakes whiteboarding with some problems going between equations, statements, and particle diagrams for chemical reactions. The main challenge was keeping the class in a single conversation since so many students had questions about the whiteboards, which is a great problem to have. Students also started consciously seeking out new voices when they realized one student was finding most of the mistakes, which was also great.

chem mistake.jpg

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