Day 60: Kinetic Energy, 3rd Law, & Melting Mass

AP Physics: Kinetic Energy

To introduce kinetic energy, I had students work through a Pivot Interactives activity to find a relationship between the starting height of a puck and its velocity at the bottom of a ramp. I ran out of time to have a pre-lab discussion yesterday, so tried to have one in the computer lab today. I had more students then usual struggling with what to measure or what to graph, and I think that was because a lot of them started the activity rather than fully engaging in the discussion. Once they got rolling however, students warmed up to the interface pretty quickly.

pivot ke.PNG

Physics: 3rd Law

We collided carts with force sensors to check the predictions students made yesterday. I spent more time than usual talking about why I asked them to make predictions I know are likely to be wrong since confidence has been such an issue for students this year.



Chem Essentials: Melting Mass

Students continued the Modeling Instruction mass and change labs. Today, they melted ice and mixed sodium carbonate with calcium nitrate; a lot of students really liked that reaction and were observing close enough to notice the precipitate causing the cloudiness. I added a mini-exploration of the zero button on the balance, which I was pretty happy with. A lot of the students in the course struggle with mathematical reasoning, and taking a few minutes to play with the zero button and the readings on the balance seemed to help make its purpose more concrete.

mass change.jpg

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