Day 50: Whiteboarding, Problems, & Bonding

AP Physics: Whiteboarding

Students whiteboarded their problems from the last few days. I tried to keep the focus on the diagrams and initial setup, since there’s where the physics is. With the end of the term looming and students doing pretty well with these, I had them do a gallery walk rather than taking the time for a more involved whole class discussion.

Physics: Problems

Students started using vector addition diagrams to solve problems with balanced forces in 2D. I saw a lot of groups working much more effectively together than a few weeks ago and students were doing a nice job of playing around with strategies to find their way to an answer.

Chemistry Essentials: Bonding

Now that students have some ideas about the structure of an atom and periodic trends, students used cards similar to puzzle pieces (that I forgot to take a picture of) to explore bonding. Students seemed to be getting a lot of ideas in place about which elements are more likely to give up electrons and why the atomic ratios are what they are.

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