Day 49: Numberless Problems, Vector Addition Diagrams, & Bohr Model

AP Physics: Numberless Problems

Students have been feeling pretty good about the unbalanced force problems so far, so I gave them some problems without any numbers. It took some time to get through the first one, then things went very smoothly, even as the problems got tougher.

Physics: Vector Addition Diagrams

Students did an activity I got from Casey Rutherford using pipe cleaners to translate between free-body diagrams and vector addition diagrams. Students had some good conversations about the difference between balanced forces and equal forces.


Chemistry Essentials: Bohr Model

Students finished exploring PhET’s Build an Atom simulation. They were able to recognize all of the patterns I wanted them to and were very successful on the questions I had connecting the simulation to their periodic tables. I was also pleased by how quickly students picked up on the fact that the simulation only gave whole number masses, while their periodic table has lots of decimals.

phet atom

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