Day 51: Friction on Ramps, CAPM Card Sort, & Naming Compounds

AP Physics: Is Friction Negligible?

Students sketched free-body diagrams and vector addition diagrams for a cart on a ramp with friction, then were tasked with determining whether friction is negligible using a set of graphs recorded in LoggerPro. There were lots of great conversations connecting the force representations to the motion ones.

friction on ramp grpahs

Physics: CAPM Card Sort
I want to revisit CAPM this week, so we started with Kelly O’Shea’s card sort. A lot of groups needed some nudging to differentiate between constant velocity and constant acceleration on the velocity-time and acceleration-time graphs, but that was no surprise. While students were bothered by the idea that there was no one right answer, they had some great conversations. I think it also helped that I assigned them to random groups, which interrupted some of the usual patterns.

card sort 5.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Naming Compounds

Students worked on going between formulas and names for compounds. A few groups asked if they could use the cards from Friday to help figure out how many of each atom a compound needs, and I happily got them out. I think a lot of students lost track of what is going on conceptually with the bonding, so I need to think about better ways to reinforce that.

bonding cards.jpg


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