Day 30: Problems, Annotating Graphs, & Boiling Ice

AP Physics: Problems

Students worked on some conservation of momentum problems. When students asked for help, I could tell pretty quickly who had sketched interaction diagrams. Especially now that I’m embedding center of mass, they have become an incredibly powerful tool. I also demonstrated exploding carts on a balanced track and was pleased at how easily students used the center of mass of the system to explain why it stayed balanced, even when the carts had different masses.


Physics: Annotating Graphs

Students whiteboarded their solutions to yesterday’s problems. I’m pleased to see a lot of students starting to make sense of the physical meaning of the graphs. I was surprised by some students who struggled to differentiate between initial velocity and maximum velocity, but I think they were able to clear up their confusion by the end of the hour.

graph soln

Chemistry Essentials: Boiling Ice

Students recorded temperatures as ice melted and eventually boiled. A lot of students where quick to say their results didn’t make sense when they saw minimal temperature changes during the phase changes, which was great.

ice melting.jpg

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