Day 31: Multiple Choice, Problems, & Bar Charts

I was home sick today, so wasn’t able to take any photos.

AP Physics: Multiple Choice

Students worked on some multiple choice problems off practice AP exams. I usually have students answer individually with Plickers, then talk to each other and answer again before we have some whole-class discussion.  To try and replicate that, I gave students two spaces to answer the questions so they can do all of them individually, then talk about each one with their group. I put in my notes to have some whole-class discussion about the answers at the end, which I’ll be curious to hear how it goes.

Physics: Problems

Students took the plunge to start calculations  with constant acceleration. As part of their worksheet annotating graphs, I had students sketch and annotate v-t graphs given just the statement part of some of today’s problems. I’ll be curious to see if that is a useful bridge.

Chemistry Essentials: Bar Charts

Students worked on some bar charts for objects heating up and going through phase changes. We ran out of time to discuss the lab, so I ended up recording a video lecture that gives away the big ideas from the lab.

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