Day 158: Trampoline & Superposition

AP Physics: Trampoline

Students continued to work on their projects. One student wanted to study trampoline physics, but was having some trouble figuring out how to get reliable jumps. She ended up building a mini “trampoline” by stretching some lycra over a bucket to get something easier to control and collect data from.

Technology access is more of an issue than I anticipated. I have some students who would like to use video analysis on their project, but had fallen behind and were not ready to take advantage of the time last week we were able to spend in the computer lab. Next year, I want to spend more time having students do some backwards planning on their project. I had them submit a proposal to me, and I might have them include a timeline.

Earth Science: Superposition

Students got some cross sections and had to rank the age of various features. Students were very successful at figuring out not just the rules of thumb for determining relative age, but making sense of why those rules are true.


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