Day 157: FCI & Review

AP Physics: FCI

Students took the FCI today. I didn’t get my act together to give anything as a pre-test this year, but I want to start doing a pre- and post-test again next year and am trying to decide whether I’d rather use the FCI or the CTSR. To help decide, I’m going to see if one test correlates better to my students’ scores on the AP Physics 1 exam.

Earth Science: Review

I had students whiteboard their answers from Friday’s review for discussion. On a question about what causes different types of volcanoes, I realized students were having trouble separating characteristics of the different types from what causes the different types, so we spent some time discussing that. Next time I teach this course, I need to think about how to shift this unit (and several others) to help students more clearly separate cause and effect.

wb (5).jpg

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