Day 126: SHM Trio & Water

AP Physics: SHM Trio

Students downloaded a Direct Measurement Video of three objects in simple harmonic motion and did some video analysis. There was lots of great discussion about why the pendulum’s y-position vs. time graph showed a different period than the x-position vs. time graph. I also really liked the conversations students had about whether the net force on each object is constant. My favorite moment was when a student called me over for help, and the person sitting next to her said “You need to think about it first!” The second student then started asking questions to help the first student figure out the answer she needed. Yay, students!

SHM Trio

Earth Science: Where is Earth’s Water?

Students filled beakers with their prediction for how Earth’s water is distributed, then got the actual distribution and compared. I liked how doing their own prediction first made it much more dramatic when they got the actual results, and saw just how little of Earth’s water is in a form we can really use.


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