Day 122: KVL Diagrams & Igneous Rocks

AP Physics: KVL Diagrams

I introduced students to Trevor Register’s KVL diagrams and had students start working some problems. I also have students trace the possible current paths on the circuit diagram to give students a visual for Kirchoff’s Current Law. We also had a quiz today, so most groups only got through the problems that were purely series or purely parallel, but there was a lot of great conversation with students pushing each other to be specific in their use of vocabulary.


Earth Science: Igneous Rocks

Students worked on identifying different types of igneous rocks. The identification key starts with texture and uses some technical terms for the textures, so before students got the key, I had them group their samples by similar texture. This seemed to help students make sense of terms like “grained” and “frothy” as they apply to rocks. It felt a bit disconnected from the work we’ve done on the rock cycle, which feels disconnected from what we did on Earth’s layers, so I’d like to work on a clearer storyline for this unit.

ig rocks

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