Day 109: Collision Types & Testing Round 2

AP Physics: Collision Types

Students worked some problems using elastic vs. inelastic collisions. They are feeling very confident about energy, which is great to see, and several students are thinking about how they could use energy to work problems we’d done earlier in the year, which is fantastic.

As a side note, registration for our AP exams ends tomorrow, and I’ve offered doughnuts to the first class to get 100% registered. Its been surprisingly effective and I’ve currently got the highest registration rate. I need to remember to give the same challenge next year.

Physical Science: Testing Round 2

Students tested their second design. There was a nice variety of tests, including one group that had a tray of ice at the bottom of their ramp to simulate weather conditions. Most groups tried at least one collision besides the head-on we’d done before. One group asked if they could use bubble wrap to simulate a bumpy road. While the trucks are heavy enough that I don’t think the bubble wrap did much, I like the idea and am thinking about what might have worked better.

Since we only have four ramps, I assigned groups with similar tests to the same stations and directed them to figure out how they would share the equipment. It was more chaotic than the first round of testing, but that’s to be expected. I might scaffold them a little more on making that plan next year.


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