Day 110: Fun Test & Presentations

AP Physics: Assessment

Students took their energy assessment. For the first time, I had multiple students tell me the test was fun, which was especially good to hear since I included a free-response problem from the 2016 AP exam. My PLC has been focused on experimental design this year, and I’m enjoying seeing that payoff in my students not only doing well with that skill, but feeling confident enough that they can enjoy applying it.

Physical Science: Presentations

Students worked on presentations to make the case for their cargo carrier design. I gave students a template a colleague made last year to help students make sure they are connecting the science to their design, but, after watching them work, it feels like too much scaffolding. I made much better use of a graphic organizer for evidence-based reasoning than in the past and did more to embed that skill throughout the course, and I think framing the presentation as evidence-based reasoning on a bigger scale may have been enough. I need to think about what that might look like next year.

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