Day 84: Electric Potential & Whiteboarding

Physics: Electric Potential vs. Gravitational Potential

Students worked on a worksheet from the Modeling Instruction curriculum that draws analogies between gravitational potential and electric potential. Several students commented that relating electric potential to something more tangible helped them make sense of what we’ve been doing. I also had a very good conversation with a student about how last trimester, she really liked how connected the mechanics topics were, but doesn’t have the same sense with electricity. This confirms that I need to keep working on my storyline for this trimester, but it was great to hear some of the metacognition the student was doing and I consider it a sign of a good class climate that a student was willing to have that conversation.

Chemistry: More Whiteboarding

Students used whiteboards to work through another stoichiometry problem. A lot of students left with much more confidence than they’d started the day with.

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