Day 83: Electric Potential Difference & Whiteboarding

Physics: Electric Potential Difference

In the past, I’ve motivated the need for electric potential difference in addition to electric potential purely through analogies to gravitational potential energy. Today, I tried an extension of the Modeling Instruction lab to map electric potential. I had students measure the voltage along a line in their tray of water with the multimeter’s ground attached to the negative lead of the power supply, then repeat with the ground attached to the power supply’s positive lead and the ground held somewhere in the middle. In the discussion, students agreed that the change in voltage is more meaningful than the specific value.


Chemistry: Whiteboarding Problems

Students struggled with the stoich problems I left them yesterday, so we took some time to go through the first part of one. I tried to be very explicit and specific in bringing up previous labs or activities that used each skill, and that seemed to help students make connections. Students then continued the problem in small groups working on whiteboards. I need to do more whiteboarding problems in this class; the whiteboards really helped students function as a cohesive group, which is really not surprising.


2 thoughts on “Day 83: Electric Potential Difference & Whiteboarding

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