Day 9: Constant Velocity & First Quiz

Today was homecoming, so classes were shorter than usual and students were more energetic than usual, but we still got some science done!

Physical Science: Constant Velocity Graphs

To introduce constant velocity, three students walked down the hall at different speeds while timers measured how long it took them to reach set points. Most students opted to make their graphs in Desmos. On Monday, we’ll find the equations for the lines to get the significance of the slope.


Physics: First Quiz & Intro to CER

Students took their first quiz of the year. This is my first year using standards-based grading, and I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and easy it was to settle on a grade with only three possible scores, which meant I could focus on providing quality, growth-oriented feedback. After the quiz, students got into small groups to work through some TIPERs questions. I used the questions to introduce the Claim-Evidence-Reasoning framework, which I’m planning use quite a bit this year.

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