Day 8: First Quiz & Mistakes Game

Physical Science: First Quiz

Students took their first quiz today. I’ve decided to move away from big unit tests in favor of short, frequent assessments. We now have a school-wide policy requiring at least one retake opportunity on all assessments, so I tried to really focus on providing feedback, not grades on the quizzes. It made me feel really optimistic, and I hope my students can find some of the same optimism.

Physics: Mistakes Game

Students played Kelly O’Shea’s mistakes game using some representations of constant velocity. Students got into it and the mistakes they picked showed a lot of common errors. One group got creative with units; the problem didn’t specify, so they decided to use liters per second, explaining that the object was traveling over a body of water with a constant depth. There’s some room to improve on the questions students were asking, but I had a lot of students very willing to speak up and I’m sure they’ll rise to the challenge if I make it a priority.  

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