Day 50: 3rd Law, Elevator, & 2 Truths

AP Physics 1: 3rd Law

We took some time for students to generate a rule based on the collisions we observed yesterday. A few students connected the results to Newton’s 3rd Law and we were able to connect the results to the system schema, showing there was a single interaction between the carts.


Physics: Elevator

We finished discussing a video of a balance during an elevator ride to figure out which way the elevator was moving. At first, a few students thought I might have ridden the elevator down, then up to get the two different accelerations, but the class was very successful at working through why a single ride needs two different accelerations.


Chemistry Essentials: 2 Truths & a Lie

To continue practicing formula writing and naming, we played “Two Truths & a Lie”. Each group prepped a whiteboard with two correct names and formulas, and one name and formula with an error. This class struggles with whole-class discussion, but this has produced some good small-group discussion. One student came up to me during class to say she really likes the formula writing since it’s allowing her to talk more like a chemist and understand what the formulas mean, which was cool to hear.

2 truths.jpg

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