Day 48: Mistakes Whiteboarding, Problems, & Mistakes Worksheet

AP Physics 1: Mistakes Whiteboarding

We did mistakes whiteboarding for yesterday’s problems. I had students focus on the diagrams and the set-up for their whiteboards, rather than worrying about getting all the way to a correct answer during the discussion. I overheard a lot of students who wanted to get the answer on their whiteboards comment they couldn’t do the problem without a correct diagram, which tells me they are seeing how to use the diagrams.

Physics: Problems

Students worked on some calculations with unbalanced forces. I’m really liking the pairing of motion maps with vector addition diagrams; this has been a light bulb moment for me of why motion maps are useful.

vad mm.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Mistakes Worksheet

Students worked on some written problems where they had to determine whether a given formula was reasonable. I intentionally included some metals with multiple possible charges, so they would have to consider each possibility before ruling out the formula. After students had worked, they whiteboarded the problems for a gallery walk.

chem wb

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