Day 24: Friction, Mistakes Whiteboarding, & Gas Law Problems

AP Physics: Friction

Students worked on collecting data for variables that affect the force of friction. I have some friction blocks with a fuzzy side and a plain wood side, and asked students to make a graph of friction force vs. mass for each side, then prepare a CER for whether surface area and speed matter. A few groups opted to add a graph of friction force vs. mass for the narrow side of the block to answer whether surface area matters, and got beautiful results where the slope matched for both sides covered in the same material.


Physics: Mistakes Whiteboarding

We did mistakes whiteboarding with Thursday’s problems. I dropped the ball on taking pictures, but there were some fantastic mistakes, especially on problems where neither the final nor the initial velocity is zero. I’m also seeing some great things emerge in the way my students approach discussion; in my 1st hour, there is one student who tends to be one of the most vocal, but both he and the rest of the class were very conscious of finding opportunities for other students to speak up.

Chemistry Essentials: Gas Law Problems

Students worked on some problems doing calculations with the gas laws. Since a lot of my students have very weak algebra skills, we are doing these problems proportionally. While my students worked, my co-teacher and I conferenced with each student about their grade and their progress so far.

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