Day 4: FCI, Board Meeting, & Mass and Change

AP Physics: FCI

Students took the FCI pre-test. When I asked what they thought of it, several students said it was fun, which bodes really well for the rest of the year.

Physics: Board Meeting

Students whiteboarded the dowel lab we’ve been working on for a board meeting. Time got tight, especially the last period of the day, partly because I was wiped out and didn’t keep as on top of my students as I needed to at this point in the year. In the lab template I’m using, students have a space to do a gallery walk with their lab group and start jotting down some observations, which seemed to help with the discussion during the actual board meeting.

dowel lab board

Chemistry Essentials: Mass and Change

We continued the mass and change sequence today with water melting into ice and a chemical reaction that forms a precipitate. Students consistently resist setting their ice aside to melt while they work on other parts of the lab, so I need to think about how to make things like that feel comfortable.

mass and change

2 thoughts on “Day 4: FCI, Board Meeting, & Mass and Change

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