Day 163: Presentations, Lab Practical Exam, & Quiz

We let seniors go a week early, so today was the last day for seniors.

AP Physics: Presentations

We finished presentations of the final projects students have been working on. There were a lot of great projects; two students analyzed a launcher for balsa wood planes they built in an industrial tech class.

Physics: Lab Practical Exam

Students took the lab portion of their final exam today. There were three different problems that each connected to one of the problems on the written exam. My 5th hour finished in about half the time I expected, probably because it was the second to last period of their last day, so I broke out the mystery tubes.

lab prac t3.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Quiz

Students took a quiz on reaction rates and energy in chemical reactions. Things got a little tricky; we dismissed seniors about 20 minutes before the end of the school day today, and about one third of my class is seniors, so I needed to make sure the assessment could be finished by then. I didn’t prepare very well for what the juniors would do with the rest of the time, so things got a little chaotic.

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