Day 162: Presentations, Final Exam, & Superintendent Visit

AP Physics: Presentations

Students presented their work on the final project to their class. There were a lot of great projects. There were some great reactions to a student who used video analysis to determine how much lift her chickens could produce (spoiler: it isn’t much).

Physics: Final Exam

Students took the individual portion of their final exam today. Like previous trimesters this year, we are doing a fairly traditional written exam and a lab-based exam in groups. Since we don’t have a special schedule for senior finals, it was very natural to do the individual part today and the group part tomorrow.

Chemistry Essentials: Superintendent Visit

I got asked to have my students participate in a world cafe with our superintendent today, so we skipped doing chemistry. For the past three years or so, our district has done a lot of work related to a strategic plan and our superintendent has been very intentional about including students throughout the process. This work is especially important as we take steps to respond positively and productively to a letter from the Minnesota Department of Human Rights about discipline disparities and my Chemistry Essentials class was a perfect group to include since students who are under-served in our district tend to be over-represented in this course.

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