Day 124: Levers, Pendulums, & Molar Mass

AP Physics: Levers

Most students did not finish their data collection on the Universal Gravitation lab, so I decided to postpone the discussion. A lot of students prioritized data collection on Monday, then ran into trouble doing calculations in a spreadsheet and weren’t comfortable asking for help electronically since they don’t have much experience with that. It was great to see, however, how many students were enthusiastic about trying their hand at spreadsheets.

In place of the discussion, we jumped ahead to levers to introduce torque. Students first placed the clamps at set positions and found a relationship between the mass hanging from one side and the force required to balance the lever. Next, students picked two masses to use and found a relationship between the distances from each mass to the pivot required to balance the lever. One student commented the second part of the lab reminded her of using a triple beam balance.


Physics: Pendulums

Students predicted the period of a pendulum at the main entrance using their data from Monday. A lot of groups used a linear fit and predicted a larger period as a result. We didn’t get to the board meeting today, so tomorrow we’ll have a chance to get into why that happened.

pendulum big

Chemistry Essentials: Molar Mass

Students practiced finding molar mass and the number of moles in a sample. When students get stuck, particle diagrams have been a huge help since they force students to break down what the formula actually represents.

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