Day 117: Central Net Force, Free Fall, & Balancing Equations

AP Physics: Central Net Force

Students worked on an activity in Pivot Interactives to find how speed, mass, and radius affect the centripetal force. One of the great things about this time of year is my students not only have a lot of skills, they are very confident in those skills, so I got to listen to good conversations about experimental design, uncertainty, and linearization without stepping in to do any coaching.

pivot central net force.PNG

Physics: Free Fall

Students worked on some free-fall problems. There was a pretty even split between groups who relied on velocity vs. time graphs and groups who relied on energy. For the first time, I had a couple of groups draw separate v-t graphs for when the object was rising and when it was falling, which helped them organize their thinking.

ud split.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Balancing Equations

Students used the PhET Balancing Chemical Equations sim to start exploring what it means for a chemical equation to be balanced. This not only seemed to help students make sense of balancing, but to do some retroactive meaning-making on the work we’ve been doing on representing reactions.

balancing eqn.PNG

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