Day 91: Coulomb’s Law, Bouncy Balls, & Bohr Model

AP Physics: Coulomb’s Law

Students worked on a Pivot Interactives activity to find a relationship between the force between two charged spheres and the distance between them. A few students started wondering about the limits of the model since they recognized an infinite force doesn’t make sense, which lead to some good discussion about what it would take to make the distance zero.

pivot force dist.PNG

Physics: Bouncy Balls

Students started working a lab to determine what interaction is dissipating energy for a bouncy ball (my article about this activity was published in the January issue of The Science Teacher). Today, students worked on sketching representations of the bouncy ball’s motion, including energy bar charts, free-body diagrams, and velocity vs. time graphs for each possible explanation in order to identify useful evidence they can get from video analysis of the bouncy ball. To scaffold this process, I had students sketch the representations on a worksheet today rather than going straight to whiteboards.

bouncy ball.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Bohr Model

We talked about the results of last week’s simulation to find the links between the Bohr model and the periodic table, then students worked on a worksheet sketching Bohr models from the periodic table. I skipped over revisiting static electricity (which the Modeling Chemistry curriculum calls for) to help establish the concept of charge, but I think next time I’d like to make time for it.

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