Day 87: Standing Waves, Whiteboards, & Elements Card Sort

AP Physics: Standing Waves

Between parent teacher conferences and a bad cold, I failed to actually assign the Pivot Interactives activity I’d planned for Friday to any classes, which made it a little tricky for them to complete. Today, I actually assigned it and they collected data to find a relationship between the wavelength and frequency of a standing wave. The upside is my students had a very self-directed activity while I was still not at 100%.

standing waves pivot.PNG

Physics: Whiteboarding

The majority of my students attempted the problems I left for them to do with Friday’s sub, which is a nice sign of progress. Today, we spent some time whiteboarding the problems, mostly using gallery walks. I gave each problem to at least two different groups so they could compare answers and approaches before the gallery walk, which helped build some confidence. In another sign of progress, in one group that is usually pretty quick to ask for help, one member insisted that today, they would discuss every question before they asked me and told me to wait several times when her groupmates called me over. In the end, they were able to reason their way through every question they had.

lol wb (1).jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Elements Card Sort

Students worked on a card sort activity loosely based on Mendeleev’s process for developing the periodic table. Each group picked two properties to sort by (one for columns and one for rows), and quickly noticed that other patterns started popping out. I also got a lot of students eager to know what some of the features of the cards represent, so it will be nice to tie some upcoming activities back to this one. Though, I need to brush up on my history a little bit to explain how Mendeleev knew some of these properties.

card sort (1).jpg


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