Day 55: Design a Practical & Review

AP Physics: Design a Practical

Groups set up the lab practicals they’d planned yesterday, then got a chance to try the lab practicals other groups had come up with. It was a lot of fun seeing how much pride students took in watching their peers complete a practical they’d designed. A lot of students said they enjoyed this approach to review, and I liked the thinking it took to design a good practical.

Physics: Review

Students finished up the review assignment they got yesterday, then were able to check answers against my key. Its not my favorite way to review, but it is familiar and comfortable for my students, which I think helped them feel more confident going into the final exam.

Chemistry Essentials: Review

I also went pretty traditional in this class today, giving them some questions to review atomic models and formula writing, especially since we haven’t had a stand-alone quiz on this topic.

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