Day 55: Design a Practical, Review, & Quiz Jigsaw

AP Physics: Design a Practical

I decided to try something new for my review this year and tasked each group with picking at least one model from this tri, and designing a lab practical. Today, they worked on coming up with an idea and trying it out in the lab. I’m having a lot of fun seeing what students are coming up with; I need to make sure I get photos of all of them tomorrow. The main challenge was I did a lot of running around between classrooms to find lab equipment for students, so next time I’ll try to do a better job of having most of the equipment we’ve used in the room already.

Physics: Review

Students worked on some review worksheets from the Modeling Instruction curriculum. As students worked, there were several I talked to who are feeling very overwhelmed right now, so we talked a little about the worst case scenario as a sort of pep talk. I will probably take a few minutes tomorrow to do that with the whole class.

Chemistry Essentials: Quiz Jigsaw

Groups presented the whiteboards they worked on yesterday. Most students no longer had their old quizzes, which made it tough for them to take full advantage of this; next time, I might give them a full set of blank quizzes as a review packet. I asked groups to pick what they thought were the hardest problems off their quiz to whiteboard, and most groups picked problems that the majority of students got wrong on their original quiz, which was great!

chem jig.jpg

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