Day 7: Impulse, Ramps, & Particle Diagrams

AP Physics: Impulse

Students graphed their data from yesterday. Since I was also introducing them to Desmos and my expectations for their lab portfolios, we ran out of time for the board meetings. The slopes are not coming out as nicely as I’d hoped, which I think is because this is their first quantitative lab and it always takes some time for students to get back into those careful practices. I’m trying to decide whether a different setup might be more forgiving.impulse wn

Physics: Ramps

Students started collecting data to find a relationship between distance and time down a ramp. A major purpose of this lab was to give students an introduction to dynamics tracks and LabQuests, so we had them set everything up from scratch at the start of each hour. Most groups only got one or two data points, but they now see how pieces attach to the dynamics track and have a sense of how to use the LabQuests, so tomorrow should move pretty quickly.

Chemistry Essentials: Particle Diagrams

Students worked on a worksheet from the Modeling Instruction curriculum on drawing particle diagrams. I had to do a lot of prompting about what a particle diagram is supposed to show, so I need to think about how to help students connect the name for the diagram to what they should draw. I think students are also struggling to see why the particle diagrams are useful, so I need to think about how to solidify that.

2 thoughts on “Day 7: Impulse, Ramps, & Particle Diagrams

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