Day 164: Presentations & Mystery Block

AP Physics: Presentations

Students continued presenting their work. In one class, the number of presentations I scheduled per day is spot in. In the other, presentations are flying by and won’t need the full period tomorrow. I need to give some thought to what that class will do after finishing presentations.

Earth Science: Mystery Block

To revisit relative ages, students had to determine the steps in making a mystery block. There were a couple of particular elements that provoked some great conversation. In particular, one side had white paint and some grooves. The color made it very tough to tell if there was any paint in the grooves, so students had to use other features on that side to decide whether the paint or the grooves came first. Next time, I’d like to use this at the start of the unit as a model-building lab; I’m pretty sure this is a concrete enough context that students can reason out most of the principles for relative dating.


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