Day 145: AP Test Day & Pangea

AP Physics: AP Test Day!

As I write this, my students are sitting in the AP Physics 1 exam! I only saw one of my classes before the test, and I told them they could do whatever will help them feel good going into this afternoon’s test, with one of the options being to simply relax for a period. The class asked me to go over one of their last quizzes and to review a few concepts. After that, a few students worked independently to go over a practice test they took. Meanwhile, I taught a group of students how to play Quiddler and had a blast while getting royally trounced by all of them.


Earth Science: Pangea

Students got continents with indicators for what kinds of rocks and fossils are present. They used that information, along with the shapes, to construct Pangea, which should lead nicely to the idea of moving plates. I didn’t get to see yet how it went; the AP Chem teacher offered to trade classes with me since she has a lot of my physics students and they were begging for one more chance to ask me questions.


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