Day 144: Review & Seafloor Spreading

AP Physics: Review

A little over half of my students were at the AP Chemistry test today, so I left it open for students in class to do what they needed to feel ready for tomorrow’s exam. I had one group of students go back over old quizzes to focus on mistakes they’d made, while some other students asked for a free-response question on circuits.

Earth Science: Seafloor Spreading

Students looked at maps of a couple of different data on the mid-Atlantic ridge. Next time, I might try to get them pre-colored maps of the data to allow for more time on the analysis and interpretation. This did combine nicely with Friday’s look at earthquake depth to justify subduction on the coast of South America. I lead students through the connection due to lack of time, but it would be interesting to give students more room to connect this data to Friday’s earthquake data.


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