Day 93: Whiteboards & More Whiteboards

AP Physics: Whiteboarding Angular Momentum

Thanks to a reminder from Dan Burns, I kicked class off with a clip from The Simpsons where Principal Skinner uses conservation of angular momentum to save Ralph. Afterwards, students whiteboarded and discussed yesterday’s problems. I focused on the conceptual problems, and I was pleased by how many students opted to use tools like SOS diagrams to guide their thinking, whether or not the problems asked for them. I also had some groups use analogies to linear momentum to answer questions since they found it easier to visualize. I got really excited when a couple of groups used Newton’s 3rd Law to solve one of the problems, though I didn’t think to take a photo of their boards.12th.jpg

Physical Science: Whiteboarding Motion Graphs

Students whiteboarded their video analysis results for constant velocity. This was the first time I’ve had them talking about graphs, and they made a lot of great observations. After the discussion, we used Logger Pro to look at a constant speed buggy in front of a motion detector and refine some some of the things we saw in the video analysis; after seeing me change the axes on the v vs. t graph from the motion detector, most groups looked at the scale on their v vs. t graphs and decided they should be horizontal lines. It was also fun to see the expressions on some faces when I found the slope of the buggy’s x vs. t graph and they saw it was the speed.


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