Day 84: Physics Puzzles & Color

AP Physics: Physics Puzzle

My classes were pretty thin today since the senior social studies classes were watching the inauguration. I gave students who were here the opportunity to do some in-class retakes. I also picked out a couple of fun puzzles from Mad About Physics that students could work on. Students got pretty into the puzzles, especially one where they can get a marble to roll “upwards” by adjusting the space between some straws in a v.

puzzlePhysical Science: Color

Yesterday, a lot of my students were talking about standing waves and longitudinal waves as two separate things, so I started by hooking a spring up to a wave generator to produce some standing waves and show the familiar patterns. Afterwards, I showed them a short video of some demos with a pair of 3D glasses, using it to prompt some questions to motivate a lab on color.

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