Day 71: Quiz & Circuits

Today was our last day of classes before break!

AP Physics: Quiz

Students took a quiz on projectile motion. My collaborative team’s goal is related to experimental design, to I included a problem to give my students some practice and feedback on designing on an experiment entirely on paper. I planned to have them play with some Mystery Tubes after the quiz, but it went longer than I expected, so I will save those for another day.

Physical Science: Circuits

I got out the light bulbs and batteries for students to build real-life circuits and see if the models they developed with the simulation still work. Not all of our light bulbs are identical, and I didn’t check the kits before class, so some groups had bulbs with different resistances. Next year, it could be interesting to use that as a feature, rather than a bug, and ask students to rank the resistance of their light bulbs based on qualitative observations.


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